The Great Taste Result


The Great Taste!

We happy to announce we received a 1 STAR from the Guild of Fine Food. We entered this prestigious competition as we strongly beleive Amaize is a great productl It's natural and made with real passion. The drink gets better and better as we improve the recipe all the time. We can't wait for next year and hope to get 2 stars! Maybe even a 3 :)

A little info: The world’s most coveted food awards, Great Taste, have been released, with many food and drink producers in the UK and beyond now celebrating. Out of a record breaking 12,634 products to be judged in 2018,  192 have been awarded a 3-star, 1,207 received a 2-star and 3,254 were given a 1-star.

Food Matters Live Excel


Food Matters Live 2018

This will be the first time Amaize are exhibiting at the renowned Food Matters Live Expo. This is the place to be for any food manufacturer, buyers and investors.

If your lucky enough to come, then please say hello and we will answer your questions and show you our other products.

Investors, customers and anyone interested please come taste Peru's favourite national drink.

Cocktail Recipes


Amaize Pineapple Punch

3 Litres Water

1 Purple Corn 

2 large Pineapples Skins

Brown sugar

Lemon juice

Peel Pineapples and use skin. Boil in a pot of water. After 2 hours add brown sugar and lemon juice while still hot. Add the flesh of the pineapples and leave for 24hours to cool in fridge.

When chilled serve with 1 measure of Pisco, Vodka and 20ml of passion fruit juice. Enjoy.


Purple Corn Superfood


Health Benefits of Purple Corn

A 2004 study published in “The Journal of Nutrition” found that one particular anthocyanin found in Purple Corn – CG3 – has the potential to fight obesity and diabetes. CG3 is reported to be one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence, coming out top when tested against 13 other anthocyanins in the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) assay, which tests for antioxidant activity.

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What is Purple Cola?


Launching 2019

The Worlds 1st carbonated purple corn drink, packed with vitamins, antioxidents and low sugar 100% Natural and Organic.


Registered Purple Cola (TM)