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About Amaize Drinks

What is AMAIZE Chicha Morada?


Roughly translated Chicha Morada means purple brew or purple drink. Known as Peru's national drink the history of Chicha dates back to the pre-Inca periods and is still made today using the same methods. The purple corn (Zea Mays) grows only in Peru and can be found in various sizes and colours. We import only the best quality corn from Puno and Arequipa, where the rich volcanic soil produces Anthocynins, the pigment compounds responsible for the corn's vibrant colour. Rich in Antioxidants and vitamins, AMAIZE Chicha Morada is a secret blend of corn, lime, pineapple, apple, clove, cinnamon and organic unrefined cane sugar.  

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Our Ethos


Since the beginning it has been our mission to be committed to supporting sustainable practices to protect the environment. We believe that what you put into your body is important, so that's why we use only natural produce in our drinks. Here at AMAIZE we're proud of our no added nonsense ethics, zero plastics as much as possible and great quality fresh products. All made from scratch in our 5 star rated kitchens,

"El jefe"

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Founder and owner Jon Cooney.

Jon's vision for AMAIZE has taken him on an incredible journey. From spending lots of time in Cusco researching the best Chicha Morada to his family kitchen table in Lima, Callao.

After many years of researching and developing the families secret recipe and the methods of brewing Peru's favourite superfood drink, Jon has successfully become the first commercial producer and distributer of Chicha Morada in the United Kingdom.

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For wholesale enquiries please email: info@amaizedrinks.com

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